Himew's Protocol of Registration

Welcome Himew.com, which is a social networking site for adult services, by Himew.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") operations. Himew.com according to the following terms of service for your service, the terms of the statement applies to all content network under domain Himew.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), but also applies to any communication between us and you by e-mail . Before you use the services provided Himew.com, please carefully read the Terms of Service.

I. Acceptance of Terms

1. This agreement includes all kinds of rules and protocols for all Himew has issued or may be issued in the future. All the rules for an integral part of the agreement, and the agreement has the same legal effect.

2. Using Himew.com in any way and our service means that you have fully read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Terms").

3. Himew.com according to the website need to amend "terms", and in the form of Notice to be updated, no notice to you separately. The revised "terms" immediately become effective after the website publish. If you do not agree to amend, please stop using the "service." If you continue to use the "service", it will be deemed your acceptance of the revised by this website "terms". When you dispute, with the latest "Terms" prevail.

II. Qualification for Registration

1. You must be 18 years of age to register as a member of this website or use of this site. Membership services of this website is prohibited within the range is invalid. By using this website, you represent and warrant that you have the right and ability to enter into this agreement and to abide by all the terms of this agreement and conditions.

2. The account and password security. After completing the Service's registration process, you will receive a password and account. Maintain the confidentiality of the password and account, it is your responsibility. You are responsible for all of your password and account activities with entirely responsible.

1) Your password or account has been unauthorized use, or any other security problems occur, you must immediately notify the site.

2) Every time after you use, please turn off your account. If you are not in accordance with the foregoing provisions, anyone to use your password and account, you should bear full responsibility. For any loss or damage arising therefrom, this site can not and does not take any responsibility.

3) Each user must account fully responsible for all activities and events. If you do not protect your account and password, the damage caused by this website or a third party, you will bear full responsibility.

III. Termination of Service

You are entitled to make this site to cancel your account. After examination and approval, this site will cancel your account. You with this website based on the contractual relationship of this Agreement shall cease. Once your account is canceled, there is no obligation for you to this site or to retain any information you disclose in your account, there is no obligation to you or any third party to forward you've never read or send messages.

IV. Content on the site and Prohibited Content

1. Himew.com have the right to review and delete any content, messages, information, photos or profiles (collectively, "Content"). As long as Himew.com after a reasonable judgment that such content violates this agreement or is offensive, illegal, or violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of members.

2. The following is a partial list of illegal or prohibited content of this website. Himew.com reserves the following rights: the right to modify the list, according to their own independent judgment against anyone who violates this provision to investigate and take appropriate legal action, including but not limited to, removing the offending communication from the website and terminate the membership of such violators. The contents include the following:

1) You have significant offensive to online dating site as racial discrimination , bigotry, hatred or physical harm to bring content to any group or individual;

2) Harasses or advocates harassment of another person;

3) Spread "junk mail," "chain letters," or unsolicited mass mailing or "spamming";

4) False propaganda, misleading information, or promotes illegal activities or promotes abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous behavior;

5) Provide instructional information about illegal activities such as making or buying illegal weapons, violating someone's privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses;

6) Solicits passwords or personal identifying information from other users, for commercial or unlawful purposes;

7) Without our prior written consent to participate in commercial activities and / or sales activities, such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, and pyramid schemes.

V. On costs

1. You are all payable taxes due on this site to trade in this website for paid services that occur, as well as communications, network services and other aspects of the costs borne by you. The website reserves in without written notice, just in case the site publicity, temporarily or permanently, the right to change or discontinue some or all of "service". This site has the right to change the price of services, but will notify you of a paid before arrival at your next. If you do not agree to these changes, you use the period after the expiry of the current discontinue use. If your service concessions have specific deadlines and price, then the price is valid for the period. After the end of the concession period, the price of your use of the service will be the new standard.

2. Statement: This site currency are virtual currency, not a private sale and exchange of any kind. After you recharge is successful, we will not be returned. We will crack down on "money laundering" behavior. If found, we immediately handed over to judicial organs.

VI. Privacy and Security

Respect user privacy is a basic policy of this site, so without the user's authorization, we can not be disclosed, edit or rent, sell to anyone, except in the following circumstances:

1) You agree to share the information;

2) Only disclose your personal information to provide you with the requested products and services;

3) For the removal of danger in your life, body or urgent aspects of property; to prevent significant harm to the rights of others;

4) We need to represent us to provide products or services to provide information (unless we notify you otherwise, otherwise these companies have no right to use your personally identifiable information);

5) We need to obey court summons, legal orders or follow the proceedings;

6) We found that you violated the terms of service of this website or any use of the provisions of other goods and services.

VII. Other

Use our site constitutes acceptance of this agreement, become a member of the Service, said further confirmation. This Agreement contains the entire agreement concerning the use of this Website and / or the Service between you and Himew.com. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid, the remainder of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.


歡迎使用Himew.com,這是為成年人服務的社交網站,由Himew.com(以下簡稱“本網站”)運營。 Himew.com依據以下服務條款為您提供服務,本條款聲明適用於網絡域名Himew.com(以下稱“網站”)下的所有內容,而且也適用於我們和您之間通過電子郵件進行的任何通信。您在使用Himew.com提供的各項服務之前,請仔細閱讀本服務條款。


1. 本協議內容包括協議正文及所有Himew.com已經發布或將來可能發布的各類規則。所有規則為協議不可分割的一部分,與協議正文具有同等法律效力。

2. 以任何方式進入Himew.com並使用服務即表示您已充分閱讀、理解並同意接受本協議的條款和條件(以下合稱“條款”)。

3. Himew.com有權根據網站需要酌情修訂“條款”,並以網站公告的形式進行更新,不再單獨通知予您。經修訂的“條款”一經本網站公佈,即產生效力。如您不同意相關修訂,請您立即停止使用“服務”。如您繼續使用“服務”,則將視為您已接受經本網站修訂的“條款”,當您發生爭議時,應以最新的“條款”為準。


1. 您必須年滿18 周歲才能註冊成為本網站的會員或使用本網站。本網站服務的會員身份在被禁止的範圍內是無效的。使用本網站,代表您聲稱並保證您有權利和能力簽定本協議,並遵守本協議的所有條款和條件。

2. 賬號及密碼安全。完成本服務的登記程序之後,您將收到一個密碼及帳號。維持密碼及帳號的機密安全,是您的責任。您應對所有用您的密碼及帳號的活動負完全的責任。

1) 您的密碼或帳號遭到未獲授權的使用,或者發生其它任何安全問題時,您須立即通知本網站。

2) 每次上網完畢,把您的帳號關掉。如您未能依前述規定行事,對於任何人利用該密碼及帳號所進行的任何行為,您應負完全的責任。對於因此而產生的任何損失或損害,本網站無法也不承擔任何責任。

3) 每個用戶都要對其帳戶中的所有活動和事件負全責。如果您未保管好自己的帳號和密碼而對您、本網站或第三方造成的損害,您將負全部責任。




1. Himew.com有權審查並刪除任何內容、郵件、信息、照片或檔案(統稱為“內容”),只要Himew.com經過合理判斷,認為該類內容違反了本協議,或具有攻擊性、違法性,或侵犯權利,損害或威脅會員安全。

2. 以下是違法的或本網站禁止內容的部分列表。 Himew.com 保留以下權利:隨時修改該列表、根據自己獨立的判斷對違反本規定的任何人進行調查並採取適當的法律行動,包括但不限於,從本服務上刪除侮辱性通信和終止該類侵犯者的會員身份。包括的內容如下所示:

1) 對在線交友網站有明顯攻擊性,如宣傳對任何團體或個人的種族歧視、偏見、憎恨或對任何群組或個人帶來實際傷害的內容;

2) 騷擾或鼓動對其他人進行騷擾;

3) 參與傳播“垃圾郵件”、“連鎖信”或未經請求的大量郵件或“兜售信息”;

4) 宣傳錯誤的、誤導性信息,或宣傳違法活動,或宣揚辱罵的、威脅性、猥褻、誹謗或損害他人名譽的行為;

5) 提供關於違法活動的指導性信息,如製造或購買非法武器、侵犯他人隱私、提供或製造計算機病毒;

6) 從其他用戶處索取密碼或個人標識信息,用作商業或非法之目的;

7) 未經我們事先書面許可,參加商業活動和/或銷售活動,如競賽、賭博、交易、廣告和金字塔計劃。


1. 您因在本網站進行交易、在本網站獲取有償服務而發生的所有應納稅賦,以及通訊、網絡服務及其他方面的費用均由您自行承擔。本網站保留在無鬚髮出書面通知,僅在網站公示的情況下,暫時或永久地更改或停止部分或全部“服務”的權利。本網站有權更改服務價格,但會在您下一個付費到來前通知您。如果您不同意這些更改,那麼您當前使用期限屆滿後停止繼續使用。如果您的服務優惠有特定期限和價格,那麼該價格在該期限內有效。優惠期結束後,您使用服務的價格將按新標準執行。

2. 聲明:本網站的貨幣均為虛擬貨幣,不得有任何形式的私下出售及交換。您充值成功後我們不予退回。我們將嚴厲打擊“洗黑錢”的行為。如有發現我們立刻交由司法機關處理。



1) 您同意讓第三方共享資料;

2) 只有透露您的個人資料,才能提供您所要求的產品和服務;

3) 為免除您在生命、身體或財產方面之急迫危險;為防止他人權益之重大危害;

4) 我們需要向代表我們提供產品或服務的公司提供資料(除非我們另行通知您,否則這些公司無權使用您的身份識別資料);

5) 我們需要聽從法庭傳票、法律命令或遵循法律程序;

6) 我們發現您違反了本網站服務條款或任何其他產品及服務的使用規定。